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         Daughter of a Rose Gift Baskets



         For Summer Parties and Summer Celebrations         


        Golfer's Favorite                            Hot Summer Day

          $62.00                                            $48.00           


                      Thanks, Dad! Gift Pail



                       Dozen Roses With a Twist!                             Beautiful, Springtime Wreath

                                  $52.00                                                            $50.00                                   



                                          Casino Amenity Gift

                         Please call 609.513.4222

                  for more information on this design.



                          Large Coffee Mug Gift





                                  Dozen Fresh Roses


Welcome, and Hello!!! 

Daughter of a Rose Gift Baskets is a gift company that custom designs just about each and every gift that goes out our doors. We will take your gift order, the basket you see on our website, and put an extra spin on it.  We make it, we design it, with your gift recipient in mind. 

You usually won't get exactly what you see on our site because we go one step further and make each gift JUST FOR YOUR GIFT RECIPIENT!

Thank you to our customers, past and present, who have been loyal to our brand and keep coming back for our premium gifts and gift arrangements.  You are the best!  Looking forward to serving you, our new clients, customers!!  


                         Dozen Roses with a Twist!                             Silk Rose Petals

                                       $52.00                                                    $27.00


                   Happy Anny!!

              "Do You Need a Snack?"           Happy Anniversary 

                            $65                                         $70




"You're a Star!" Birthday Centerpiece


This is a great birthday gift to send your best birthday wishes!!! 

Birthday Gift Basket


When you want to send your good wishes for someone to feel better who is ailing:


Get Well Dr's Bag Gift---$100.00

                                Birthday B.D.!              Coffee, Coffee and More Coffee

                            $69                                     $79.99

                  Preview     Preview

                          Get Well Fruit Basket                             Happy Birthday

                                       $60.00                                            $159.00



                Tea Gift Basket                           Coffee Gift Basket 

                           $59.00                                                                            $55.00

Local: 609-345-7145, Cell: 609-513-4222

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We may substitute some item that are listed with items with an equal or greater value.
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